New Guidelines due to COVID-19

The health and safety of our guests and our staff has always been of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we have implemented some new procedures which go above and beyond our already high standards of public health procedures.

  1. Every staff member and guest will be screened before entering the salon.
  2. All staff and clients will be asked to wear a mask at all times while inside the salon. If you do not have a mask with ear-loops we will have them available for a $2 charge.
  3. We will be taking extra time to sanitize and disinfect our tools and work station after every client. Because of this we will need extra time after every appointment.
  4. We would ask that upon arrival to your appointment, you remain outside of the salon and please call us to inform us of your arrival (905-765-7927). We will only let you enter the salon once your service provider has completely prepared their work area for your arrival.
  5. We will be working at a MUCH lower capacity in order to maintain social distancing within the salon, as such, our hours of operation have been extended in order to accommodate as many guests as possible, as soon as possible.


Please respect your appointment time as we will be working on a very tight timeline in order to maintain social distancing guidelines as well as having enough time to clean and disinfect everything in between appointments.

IF you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, PLEASE RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT to protect the health of our community.

  1. Do you or anyone in your household have a fever?
  2. Do you or anyone in your household have symptoms of COVID-19?
  3. Within the last 14 days, have you come into contact with anyone who had symptoms of COVID-19.
  4. Have you had sudden loss of smell or taste?
  5. Have you been outside of the province within the last 14 days?

We thank everyone for your understanding, patience and support during this challenging time,
The Staff at Patrick’s Haircare & Esthetics Inc.